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  • Too many biofuel crops cause hunger, says adviser

    An advisory body to the German government says the country should not increase imports of crops for biofuels or it will contribute to hunger in developing countries.

    The head of Germany’s Bio-Economic Council said in a statement during a food trade fair last month: ‘Securing good food supplies must have priority over expansion of bioenergy.’ Another official from the organisation said Germany’s bioenergy imports ‘may not be allowed to create negative economic, ecological and social impacts in producing countries; bioenergy usage is currently increasing food supply shortages and food and land prices.’

    • The EU energy commissioner Günther Oettinger has said the EU’s target to have 10% of transport fuels coming from renewable sources should not be increased until issues about the sustainability of biofuels have been sorted out. Oettinger told a conference in Brussels earlier this month: ‘The whole question of sustainability [of biofuel production] has to be addressed.’