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  • Too big to ignore – truck CO2 emissions in 2030

    Emissions from heavy-duty vehicles (HDV), which include trucks and buses, increased by 36% between 1990 and 2010 and continue to grow. HDV emissions currently represent around 30% of all road transport CO2 emissions and 5% of all EU CO2 emissions. This briefing by T&E analyses existing data and finds that unless additional measures are taken HDV emissions will increase to 40% of road transport emissions by 2030.

    T&E argues that Europe cannot afford to ignore HDV emissions any longer. It must introduce truck fuel efficiency standards saw ell as amend the Eurovignet directives to enable CO2-differentiated road charging and accelerate the introduction of new lorry designs. Further measures include the increase of minimum diesel taxes (Energy Tax Directive) as well as modal shift.