• T&E Response to European Air Ticket Tax Proposal

    EU finance ministers agreed on Saturday to a voluntary levy on airline tickets to fund development aid. The aviation industry opposed the proposals and strongly criticised the agreement in media coverage over the weekend.

    [mailchimp_signup][/mailchimp_signup]Jos Dings, Director of T&E said, “British Airways calls this extremely modest proposal, ‘absurd’ and ‘illogical’ but the same can be said of the aviation industry’s current tax privileges. The sector pays no fuel taxes, there is no value added tax (VAT) on international tickets, and both aircraft manufacturers and airlines have received billions of Euros of direct and indirect aid.”

    “It is also both ‘absurd’ and ‘illogical’ that the industry has done nothing to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHGs) – when it is the fastest-growing source.”

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