• ‘Sustainability’ alliance seeks to prevent aviation charges

    A number of companies in the British aviation industry have formed an alliance with the stated aim of improving air travel’s impact on the environment.

    [mailchimp_signup][/mailchimp_signup]The Sustainable Aviation Alliance admitted its overriding goal was to prevent the imposition of kerosene tax or en route emissions charges. It brings together most UK airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers and other companies, with the aim of reducing fuel consumption by 50% per average aircraft, cutting emissions of nitrogen oxides by 80% by 2020, and other noise, air quality and congestion improvements.

    Environmental groups have criticised the initiative, saying it is aimed at avoiding the measures needed to tackle the environmental impact of aviation, and will do nothing to reduce the number of flights.

    Meanwhile T&E member Aviation Environment Federation has published a study showing Great Britain is the world’s second-worst climate change offender from aviation after the USA. The study “Fly now, grieve later” recommends increasing tax on tickets, abolishing “duty-free” sales, and discouraging airport expansion.

    This news story is taken from the July 2005 edition of T&E Bulletin.