• Stricter van fuel economy standards – abridged version

    Fuel is an important and rising business cost. At the same time vans are one of the fastest growing sources of transport CO2 emissions, increasing by 26% between 1995 and 2010 and now accounting for 8% of EU’s total road transport emissions. To reduce van fuel consumption and counter rising emissions, binding CO2 standards were introduced in 2011, setting a 2017 fleetwide target of 175 CO2 g/km. For 2020 a target of 147 g/km was agreed. In its review proposal, which is currently under discussion in the European Parliament, the Commission confirmed the 147 g/km target.

    This briefing summarises the most recent evidence and outlines 5 compelling reasons to strengthen the vans target to at least 118 g/km. It is largely based upon a study undertaken by consultants TNO.[1] More detailed information can be found in T&E’s position paper.[2]