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  • Spain announces measures to meet CO2 obligations

    Spain has announced a €27 billion investment in 43 greenhouse gas reduction measures designed to meet its EU burden sharing obligations and create 45,000 jobs per year. But environmental groups say the proposals do not go far enough.

    On current trends, Spain is predicted to miss its 10% reduction target for 2020, which is part of the EU’s burden-sharing agreement to tackle climate change fairly across all 28 member states. The 43 new measures form a plan aimed at saving the 54.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide needed to bring Spain back on track.
    The plan envisages saving 21 million tCO2 from transport by encouraging passengers to switch from cars to bicycles and public transport, as well as a shift of freight from road to rail.
    T&E’s Spanish member organisation Ecologistas en Acción said the transport measures were far too weak, and that traffic reduction schemes in cities were needed, along with a tax on aviation.