Taxi and Uber licenses in the UK
  • Review of diesel NOx limits: tackle pollution, don’t tinker with the limits (again)

    The ongoing revision of the rules for Real Driving Emissions (RDE) tests, triggered by a landmark ruling of the EU General Court, is a unique opportunity to rectify the scandalous behind-the-door relaxing of nitrogen oxide (NOx) limits decided in the middle of the Dieselgate scandal.

    Making sure that all new Euro 6d diesel cars strictly respect legal limits when driven under all possible conditions that they have been designed for is essential to tackle Europe’s looming air quality crisis. The 80 mg per km limit for NOx was adopted 12 years ago and the carmakers’ own data shows it is already being met by the vast majority of cars entering the market without the need for flexibilities. T&E therefore demands that the ‘conformity factor’ be removed in the current review and that the modalities of the test procedure be improved to better reflect actual emissions.