• Reducing Emissions from Ships in the Baltic Sea Area

    Final report based on the conclusions of the Greening Motorways of the Sea Conference in Stockholm, April 2005. This report discusses the feasibility of introducing a distance-related en-route charge for shipping in the Baltic Sea.

    The report investigates the feasibility of a kilometer charging system for sea vessels in the Baltic Sea. The idea is to mandate port authorities to collect, in addition to port dues, a mandatory fee that relates to the calling ship’s last trip in Baltic Sea waters and the ship’s emissions of NOX and sulphur during that journey. The port would report the trip and transfer the revenue to a common authority in charge of a Baltic environmental ships register. In addition, the authority would use the AIS-system to check the number of kilo- metres travelled in European waters and carry out a limited number of random checks of on-board facilities for NOX-abatement and reduction of sulphur emissions.