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  • Peugeot Citroën and T&E to cooperate on real-world emissions testing

    Carmaker PSA Peugeot Citroën and T&E have agreed to work together to measure the real-world CO2 emissions of the company’s fleet – the first time a car manufacturer has accepted real-world fuel economy tests are possible. The two will devise methodology for on-road testing of PSA’s main passenger vehicles on public roads in spring 2016 with the results then being published. Real-driving emissions tests for NOx are expected by spring 2017.


    CO2 emissions and fuel economy will be measured in real driving conditions, with segments to include urban, extra-urban and highway driving. As well as devising the testing methodology, T&E may also supervise the tests, which will be carried out by PSA. The results will be independently audited with T&E’s participation and the organisation will withdraw from the project if it is not satisfied with the methodology, testing or validation of results.

    T&E director Jos Dings said: ‘Real-world measurements of CO2 emissions and fuel economy will help drivers choose the most efficient models benefiting consumers, public health and the environment. We are confident that the work we plan to undertake with PSA can generate transparent robust results that everyone can rely on.’

    The test will take account of higher emissions when the engine is cold and will be performed with lights and air conditioning on. The cars being tested will use standard tyres and lubricants and be prepared as detailed in the owner’s manual. T&E says it will not endorse the cars or the company – only the CO2 data that will be published. It will not receive any payment for its participation.