• Parliament endorses continuation of Fuel Quality Directive, emphasizes its importance

    In its most significant vote on the 2030 climate and energy package, the European Parliament today rebuked the European Commission and sent a strong signal to member states about the importance of complete carbon accounting under the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD), the EU law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport fuels.

    T&E welcomes the Parliament’s resolution on the 2030 climate and energy package, which states that the Parliament ‘regrets the Commission’s lack of willingness to ensure the continuation of the Fuel Quality Directive after 2020’. The FQD aims to reduce the carbon intensity of Europe’s transport fuel by 6% by 2020. This comes as the transport sector is set to be the EU’s biggest CO2 emitter from 2020.
    Laura Buffet, policy officer for clean fuels at T&E, said ‘The European Parliament is calling for the Commission to deal with the deluge of unconventional oil that will be coming our way. That is a good and much needed signal and EU member states must support this decision at the Energy and Environment Councils in March.’