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  • Package of measures needed for shipping

    The Commission’s research unit charged with reducing emissions from shipping has recommended a package of regulatory measures combined with market-based instruments to tackle air pollution and climate impact.

    The Joint Research Centre (JRC) says a mix of sulphur emission control areas and fuel efficiency standards, combined with market-based instruments, could bring about an 80% reduction in NOx emissions by 2020, with similar reductions for SOx and CO2. The JRC also says a global emissions trading scheme is viable, but sees both political and administrative problems that would be hard to resolve.

    • An EU strategy for the Danube region says Europe’s second-longest river is using only 10% of its shipping potential. The strategy says cargo transport along the Danube should initially be increased by 20% by 2020, but environmental groups are concerned that too much cargo could damage the river’s biodiversity.