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  • ‘Oppose NOx rule delay’

    An International Maritime Organisation (IMO) proposal to delay the start of stricter nitrogen oxide standards would undermine the EU’s air quality goals and should be opposed, the European Commission has said. In April, an IMO committee will decide on whether to postpone the 2016 date for the introduction of stricter NOx emissions standards from new ships operating in NOx control areas (NECAs).

    In a memorandum to member states, the Commission noted that NOx emissions are a “direct contributor to eutrophication of inland and marine waters and terrestrial habitats, and to the formation of secondary particulate matter affecting health”.
    Last year Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Cyprus, Greece and Malta supported Russia’s bid for a delay, expressing concern about the cost and effectiveness of the available NOx abatement technologies. Denmark, Germany, Finland and Sweden opposed the move, which would severely delay the implementation of any new NECA in Europe.