• No flight plan: How the ICAO has blocked progress on climate change for a decade

    ICAO has failed to deliver or support any mandatory policies to deliver emissions stabilisation or reductions. Instead the organisation has attempted to close the door, one by one, on almost every conceivable mandatory policy measure for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the sector.

    T&E is calling on ICAO, at its triennial assembly in Montreal on 18-28 September 2007, to:

    1. Convert its support-in-theory for the inclusion of aviation in existing emissions trading schemes into support-in-practice by dropping the ‘mutual agreement’ approach;
    2. Recognise that further mandatory measures will be necessary and ask the ICAO Council to prepare ambitious proposals for the next Assembly.

    If these small steps appear not to be within reach, T&E calls on states to:

    1. Reserve their position at the Assembly (which is a clarification that they don’t feelbound to the Assembly’s conclusions);
    2. Shift responsibility for climate change away from ICAO, which has clearly failed todeliver.