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  • Natural gas-powered vehicles and ships – the facts

    The EU has agreed to cut its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 80-95% by 2050. Climate policy will require a shift away from petroleum which currently provides nearly all of transport’s energy needs. Apart from a transition towards zero-emission technologies such as battery electric or hydrogen, regulators and governments across Europe are considering what role gas could play in decarbonising transport. This report compiles the latest evidence on the environmental impacts of using gas as a transport fuel.

    The report is based on the most up to date literature, test results and data. It builds on a previous report by AEA-Ricardo but analyses in more detail issues such as the role of renewable methane (biomethane and power-to-methane) or the impact of tax policy. In tandem with publishing this report, T&E is also making available studies it commissioned regarding: the role of electromethane in transport; and taxation of gas in the EU. They are also available to download below.

    Download T&E’s report, Natural gas-powered vehicles and ships – the facts, in: