• Monster Vote

    MEPs have voted twice to restrict the possibilities for 25-metre lorries (variously called “monster trucks”, “modular trucks”, “gigaliners”, and other names) to use EU roads.


    The transport committee vote this month amended the Ayala report on Freight Transport Logistics, suggesting states should need specific permission if they want to allow 25-metre trucks on EU roads. And a proposal to encourage “multimodal logistics solutions and the European modular system” put forward in the Barsi-Patacki report was heavily rejected. Finland and Sweden already allow them, while other countries are considering permitting them. A new report published by six railway associations says “monster trucks” would make road transport less expensive than now, and are “certainly not compatible with the vision of a more sustainable transport market”.

    This news story is taken from the July 2007 edition of T&E Bulletin.