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  • MEPs want reformed ETS to include shipping and cut aviation cap

    Members of the European Parliament want to include carbon emissions from shipping in the emissions trading system (ETS) and bring the cap on aviation emissions into line with other sectors, as part of a reformed ETS. The parliament's environment committee voted to bring EU shipping emissions under the ETS from 2023 if the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) does not deliver a global deal by 2021. MEPs also voted for the cap on aviation carbon emissions to decline in line with other sectors and for a reduction in the number of free allowances, which airlines have been using to achieve windfall profits.


    T&E said the reforms are fair and will help ensure ships and planes will not undermine climate action in other industries. The Parliament plenary will vote on its position next year. Negotiations between Parliament and national governments will then begin, with the aim of reaching an agreement on reform of the ETS by the end of 2017.

    European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) said Europe should pile on the pressure on the IMO to deliver a CO2 measure by 2023. In case this deadline is not met, EU measures will have to be introduced, it added. This followed public support by the biggest port in Europe, Rotterdam, for inclusion of shipping in the ETS from 2023 as the IMO timeline was “far too late” and its plans were “not challenging enough”.