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  • MEPs urge Commission to propose fuel efficiency standards for trucks now

    MEPs have called on the European Commission to table an ambitious proposal to reduce carbon emissions from trucks as soon as possible. A cross-party group of MEPs led by Karima Delli joined the call during the #InconvenientTruck event at the Strasbourg Parliament. (See here event photos with the MEPs.)

    [mailchimp_signup][/mailchimp_signup]MEPs calling for truck CO2 standards as soon as possible, including Pascal Durand, Karima Delli, Michael Cramer, and Georges Bach.

    Unlike cars and vans, trucks don’t have to comply with CO2 standards in Europe. While the US, Japan, China and Canada have CO2 standards in place, the fuel efficiency of trucks in Europe has remained stagnant for the past 20 years. In its Low-emissions Mobility Strategy the Commission promised it would propose truck CO2 standards during its mandate.

    MEP Karima Delli said: “Trucks have not become any cleaner in the past 20 years and they’re on their way to being transport’s biggest climate problem. After years of ignoring the problem it’s high time for the Commission to finally push things forward and regulate truck CO2, just like it has done for cars and vans. That would be good for the environment but would also benefit consumers and business.”

    On average, fuel bills represent 30% of the operating costs of running a fleet. 75% of goods are moved by trucks in Europe. In June 2016 a group of businesses led by IKEA, Nestle, DHL and DB Schenker wrote to the Commission to demand truck CO2 standards.

    William Todts, freight director of Transport & Environment (T&E), said: “This Commission is the first to understand that it’s going to require regulation to get trucks moving. But if we want standards to make a difference for the EU’s 2030 climate targets, we’re going to need them very soon. That’s why we need a proposal no later than 2017.”

    Transport has now become the single biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in Europe. While trucks make up less than 5% of all vehicles on the road, they are responsible for 25% of on-road fuel use and carbon emissions. If Europe does not act, thanks to its stringent CO2 standards US tractor-trailers will be considerably more efficient than EU tractor-trailers by 2027.

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