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  • Letter to EU’s Technical Committee on Motor Vehicles on 3rd package of Real-world Driving Emissions test

    In this letter to the EU's Technical Committee on Motor Vehicles (TCMV), T&E outlines its main recommendations on the next step of the new Real-world Driving Emissions (RDE) that will be voted by national experts in December 2016.

    T&E is extremely concerned that the outcome will be a poor one for the 87% of EU urban residents afflicted by high levels of particles;1including the half a million that die prematurely. Member States and the Commission appear to have forgotten the acrimonious discussions concerning the second RDE package that is still the subject of a legal challenge. This letter outlines a series of amendments to the draft proposal being discussed in TCMV that we believe will ensure the 3rd Package avoids such issues and produces a robust regulation that puts the EU on a pathway to clean air without imposing unreasonable demands on the automotive industry.