• Joint statement in support of strengthening the Monitoring and Reporting proposal

    As the European Parliament and national governments discuss amendments to the proposed EU directive on monitoring and reporting truck CO2 emissions, T&E joined a coalition of eight hauliers' associations and French logistics company Schenker France in a letter (downloadable below) calling for the proposal to be strengthened as follows.

    It is important, and welcome, that aerodynamic performance and rolling resistance are to be monitored, reported and made publicly accessible. However, CO2 related conformity of production results should also be made publicly available or on demand accessible to 3rd parties. Furthermore, engine, axle and transmission efficiency, should be reported to the Commission and average values that are a good representation of the efficiency made publicly accessible. An online digital portal where the overall efficiency profile of the new vehicle is available, based on data collected under the Monitoring and Reporting Regulation, is also vital.