• Investors’ call for on-the-road tests shows need for EU oversight

    Institutional investors with a total of €12 trillion of assets under management have called for EU policymakers to restore confidence in Europe's car emissions testing regime by introducing on-the-road testing for CO2 emissions. Sustainable transport group Transport & Environment said it highlights the importance of ending the systematic manipulation of car testing, and that this can only be achieved by establishing effective oversight of the EU car testing system – as announced by European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker yesterday.

    Greg Archer, clean vehicles manager at Transport & Environment, said: “This call from investors shows how essential a robust emissions testing framework is for European business as well as drivers and the environment. The systematic manipulation of current tests can only be stopped by establishing an independent European body to ensure tests are robust and new cars generate similar emissions on the road to those tested in laboratories. 
    “This step will help to re-establish faith in the European automotive industry and regulations that have been totally undermined by the drip-drip of recent disclosures.”