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  • The Impact of Phasing in Passenger Car CO2 Targets on Levels of Compliance

    On the basis of data from the EU’s Passenger Car CO2 Monitoring Mechanism, we were able to reproduce the targets that each major manufacturer would face under the proposed legislation, provided that the average weight of their future car sales would remain on average as it was in 2007.

    The purpose of this analysis is to ascertain what would be the effect of phasing in the proposed targets for Passenger Car CO2 as has been proposed in amendments tabled in the European Parliament – ie what would happen if only a specified percentage of all sales for each manufacturer were required to comply with each manufacturer group’s target in a given year?

    That is, for each manufacturer, would their existing mix of sales be sufficient to meet the target for this percentage of sales without further effort on their part, or would they need to improve the emissions performance of this part of their fleet to meet the target – and if so, by how much? To answer this question requires complex analysis of the actual distribution pattern of new car sales for each manufacturer, in order to discover what percentage of their sales would be compliant with any given threshold value.