• How to guarantee green hydrogen uptake in shipping

    T&E explains what needs to be included in the FuelEU Maritime proposal to increase the uptake of green hydrogen.

    Recommendation 1: Mandate a 6% green Hydrogen (-based fuel) use in EU shipping by 2030 under the draft FuelEU Maritime Regulation. The goal of FuelEU Maritime regulation is to create demand for alternative marine fuels for shipping. The draft legislation is currently under negotiations in the EU Council and EU Parliament.

    Recommendation 2: Advance EC proposed regulatory targets by 5 years and set 2050 as the sunset date for the last use of GHG emitting fuels.

    Recommendation 3:Apply a multiplier of 5 to the use of green H2(-based fuels) in shipping under the FuelEU Maritime Regulation. Multiplier functions like a “discount” system allowing the use of each tonne of green H2(based fuels) count 5 times towards achieving the regulatory targets. In practice, this helps to fully bridge the cost-gap between green H2(based fuels) and fossil fuels. Multiplier should only apply to volumes used above the sub-quota in order to provide additional incentives to shipowners/operators to switch to green H2-based fuels.