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  • Harmonising lorry rules a step towards reducing HGV emissions?

    The Commission is taking steps towards a first EU directive aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from heavy goods vehicles. Its consultation on the weight and dimensions of lorries comes as more evidence emerges about the positive effect of mandatory emissions standards from new cars.

    The aim of the lorry consultation is to lead to a directive that combines the transport White Paper’s aim of making road transport more resource-efficient, with the need to ensure that transport operations may not be refused between two member states on the basis of the dimensions of the vehicle used.

    The Commission is making it clear it does not want an EU-wide allowance for ‘megatrucks’ (25-metre, 60-tonne lorries), but is hazy on whether or not it wants to allow international transport with megatrucks between two agreeing countries, a move that would essentially break up the EU’s internal market. It also sees the review as an opportunity  for improving the aerodynamics of lorries.

    The consultation runs until 27 February and is open to private citizens as well as companies and organisations.