• First Germans, now speed-loving Italians want van speed limiters

    Nine in ten Italians are in favour of vans being fitted with compulsory speed limiters according to a survey by Doxa, an Italian market research company, on behalf of three environmental organisations (1). The groups, along with European sustainable transport campaigners Transport & Environment, are calling on the EU to make speed limiters for vans mandatory as soon as possible.

    [mailchimp_signup][/mailchimp_signup]The survey, of a representative sample of one thousand interviewees, found that 89% of the Italian public would support the introduction of mandatory speed limiters for vans. Half supported a speed limit of 110km/h, while a third supported a lower speed of 90 km/h.

    Last year, leading German car magazine Auto Bild and transport industry magazine Verkehrsrundschau found similar levels of support among their readership (2).

    Jos Dings, director of Transport & Environment said:
    “People in two of the continent’s most speed-loving countries overwhelmingly support the idea of mandatory speed limiters for vans. These devices would save lives, save CO2 and save on fuel bills, at negligible cost – they are a no brainer.”

    “The European Commission has indicated in both its road safety action plan, and transport strategy white paper, that van speed limiters for vans would be a smart idea; there’s no reason to wait. The Commission should bring out a proposal by the end of this year and show that it is serious about saving lives and cutting road transport emissions.”

    A report published by T&E in 2009 (3) found that setting mandatory speed limiters for light commercial vehicles to 100 km/h (as is currently the case for lorries) would reduce CO2 emissions by 6-7% and would contribute to a decrease in accidents involving vans of up to 46%.

    (1) Italian environmental organisations Legambiente, Amici della Terra and Terra!, in collaboration with Transport & Environment. The survey was carried out by Doxa, independent market research company.
    (2) https://www.autobild.de/umfrage/index.html?bid=678699&choice=0, https://www.autobild.de/artikel/tempolimit-fuer-leicht-lkw-eu-ist-dagegen-1267156.html, https://www.verkehrsrundschau.de/umfrageergebnis-tempobegrenzer-fuer-transporter-954013.html. These two surveys found support for speed limiters of between 80 and 85% amongst the magazines’ readers in Germany.
    (3) Speed limiters for vans in Europe: Environmental and safety impacts