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  • EU-listed yards can handle the recycling demand of EU-flagged ships

    The NGO Shipbreaking Platform and T&E have taken a closer look at the capacity available for ship recycling under the EU Ship Recycling Regulation. The shipping industry claims that there is not enough capacity for the safe and environmentally sound recycling for the EU-flagged fleet under this legislation, and state that it will be forced to leave EU ship registries so that it can find other breaking options outside the scope of the Regulation.

    The figures in this report, however, clearly show that the ship recycling facilities currently included on the EU List could have recycled all EU-flagged vessels, both in terms of LDT and size, which went for breaking since 2015. Yards operating in Italy, Norway, Turkey and the US are further expected to be included on the List before the EU SRR is applicable on 1 January 2019, adding additional capacity for clean and safe recycling. This report demonstrates that the argument presented by the ship owners on the lack of capacity under the EU SRR is simply another poor excuse to justify the continued use of the low-cost and substandard method of beaching.