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  • Establishment of a multilateral investment court for investment dispute resolution

    In line with its Better Regulation agenda the Commission publishes roadmaps at the very beginning of the legislative process setting out its initial ideas for a legislative proposal.

    On 1 August 2016 the Commission published its roadmap for a Council Decision proposal authorising the Commission to negotiate a Convention to establish a multilateral court on investment.

    In this briefing T&E welcomes a public debate on this controversial issue, and the initiative to provide feedback on the initial roadmap and through a public consultation. Additionally, we welcome the Commission’s intentions to abandon the controversial private arbitration, the establishment a permanent multilateral Investment Court System (ICS) could be a solution. However, the details of the legal and democratic construction of such a court remains to be see.

    The Commission intends to consult all stakeholders at a conference in the second part of 2016.