Gap to produce sufficient numbers of EVs to comply with the law in 2020
  • Diesel recalls have stalled in the middle of an EU air quality crisis

    An analysis of new official EU data shows that progress on recalls of manipulated diesel cars is stalling in the European Union while the continent still faces an air quality crisis which has landed 14 EU Member States in court.

    Even the cheapest and least effective form of diesel fixes – software updates – are making very slow progress in the EU and would take another two years to be completed at the current pace. They also cover only 10 out of 43 million grossly polluting diesels cars and vans on Europe’s roads, leaving the vast majority of dirty diesels unaddressed.

    Progress is not only slow but also very unequal across Member States and manufacturers, with consumers from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), in particular, being left behind: there only 55% of Volkswagen Group’s cars are updated compared to 83% in the West. Recall rates are particularly low for Opel Cascada and Zafira (12%) as well as for Audi’s A6 (30%). DUH’s latest report shows that, unlike in the US, much more effective hardware retrofits are currently not offered to European consumers.

    Below, download our analysis and the European Commission’s data on recalls.