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  • Cost-effective renewables: How do other options compare to bioenergy?

    Transport and Environment, Birdlife Europe and the European Environmental Bureau requested CE Delft to determine the most cost-effective optimal renewable energy mix for the 28 EU member states and, specifically, for Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, Poland and the UK, taking into account social discount rates and the most recent cost developments.

    This briefing summarises the study’s findings:

    • In the EU reference scenario 2013 over 90% of realisable bioenergy potentials are exploited and only 35% of other renewables;
    • The most cost-effective renewable energy mix in 2030 has a significantly lower share of bioenergy than the EU reference scenario 2013 and the GHG 40 and GHG40EE scenarios in the IA 2030;
    • Governmental interventions are required to meet the most cost optimal mix;
    • In most of the six selected member states trends are similar, although there are location and country-specific features.