• Consumer Label for Tyres in Europe

    A report into the feasibility of a European consumer tyre label for noise, rolling resistance and safety. Report by Ulf Sandberg of the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI).

    It is commonly agreed that we need to urgently turn or strengthen some environ- ment trends in our society to avoid a future climate disaster. Most obviously, this applies to CO2 emissions from road traffic, something which is strongly related to rolling resistance. One would look for methods to faster obtain a reduction in rolling resistance than the present methods provide. Consumer interest and selec- tions based on objective information may be such a method.

    In this report, it is emphasized that similar advantages as for rolling resistance and fuel consumption apply to noise emission from road traffic.

    This report has the following objectives:

    • To examining the feasibility of a multi-criteria consumer / quality label for tyres, including tyre/road noise, rolling resistance (fuel efficiency) and safety aspects.
    • To play an active role in the process of developing the concept and engaging key stakeholders.