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  • Climate measures will help human health

    The European Respiratory Society has called on the EU to strengthen its legislation on air quality, and says measures to reduce greenhouse gases will also help fight air pollution. 

    In an article published in the European Society Journal, representatives of the society say tightening air quality requirements would bring significant health benefits that would lengthen life expectancy and ‘the benefits of such policies would outweigh the costs by a large amount’. It also says raising the EU’s greenhouse gas reduction target for 2020 to 30% would create parallel reductions in fine particles, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

    • Beijing is to make its vehicle emissions regulations stricter, as persistent smog and other air pollution problems have caused health concerns among residents. The Chinese capital has effectively adopted Euro-5 car emissions standards, which means all new cars sold from now will have to meet Euro-5 levels, rising to Euro-6 levels in 2016.

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