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  • Cleaning up shipping

    A plan to make the shipping industry more sustainable has been supported by 17 leading companies with a combined market value of $500 billion.

    The proposal came from the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SIS), a group of NGOs and companies, who have drawn up a 30-year vision for ships to use cleaner fuels and reduce their greenhouse gases. The signatories have committed to increase funding for emissions-reducing technology. T&E shipping officer Bill Hemmings said: ‘This is a positive initiative, and perhaps the first thing the SIS could do would be to use its influence to stop the shipping industry lobbying against new low-sulphur fuel standards.’

    • Hong Kong says it is exploring with regional governments in China the possibility of setting up an emission control area (ECA) in the Pearl River Delta. The city wants ocean-going ships to switch to low-sulphur fuel while sailing in Pearl River Delta waters.