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  • Are Trucks Taking Their Toll? II

    T&E commissioned a study to monetise the external costs of trucks and to determine whether truck users are now covering a larger share of their external costs than in 2009 – when the first Are Trucks Taking Their Toll? report was published. The report finds that while there has been progress, a lot remains to be done.

    Trucks in Europe are responsible for external costs of €143 billion annually, only 30% of which are covered through taxes and tolls. These negative effects (or “externalities”) include climate changing CO2 emissions, air pollution, congestion, noise, road damage and traffic casualties. The report is available to download in two parts below.

    T&E also publishes two briefings. The first summarises the study and presents recommendations for the EU to revise its Eurovignette Directive to allow for CO2-differentiated trucks tolls and phase out time-based vignettes. The second briefing analyses the Belgian example of a successful distance-based toll for trucks.