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  • App finds it quicker to fly through Europe on the train

    A mobile app that allows travellers to compare journey times between plane, train, bus or car has released a list of 14 major European inter-city routes that are faster by rail than by plane. Train routes between Brussels-Paris and Brussels-London offer the biggest time savings – of more than three hours, according to Omio, the website formerly known as GoEuro.

    The Belgian capital’s rail connections with Amsterdam, Lyon and Frankfurt complete the top five routes where the less-carbon intensive option is quicker than flying. Travellers planning holidays or business trips can also expect major time savings between Barcelona-Madrid, Madrid-Seville and Rome-Milan.

    Omio, which also allows customers to search and book rail, bus and air transport in 11 European countries, factored in waiting times and security checks at transport hubs. The highlighted routes involve cities which are relatively close and served by high-speed trains. However, rail remains uncompetitive on ticket prices on many high-speed routes.

    Naren Shaam, CEO of Omio said: ‘Many travellers throughout Europe will choose to fly between destinations as, on paper, flight times always appear the quickest mode of transport. It is not until you take into consideration wait time at the airport that rail travel can be more time effective.’

    Aviation is the most carbon-intensive transport mode, responsible for an estimated 5% of man-made climate change globally.