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  • 95g already being achieved

    A total of 30 car models on the German market have CO2 emissions below 95g, the proposed maximum for 2020. That is one of the findings of the 2012 car-environment ranking produced by T&E’s German member VCD.


    The VCD has been producing its ranking since the mid-1990s, based on all new models on sale in Germany, which effectively means most new cars across the developed world. In the category for the best car climatically, based solely on CO2 emissions, the VW ‘eco up’ and the Toyota Yaris came joint first, each with 79 g/km. In the overall ranking, the Volkswagen eco up is the first car powered by natural gas to top the list, followed by the Lexus CT200h and the Toyota Prius, both hybrids (seven of the top 10 are hybrids).

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