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  • 77% of Germans oppose mega-trucks

    A new opinion survey shows more than three quarters of Germans do not want longer and heavier lorries, so-called ‘mega-trucks’, on German roads.

    [mailchimp_signup][/mailchimp_signup]The Forsa research institute talked to 1500 people age 16 or over, and found the main reasons were increased risk of accidents and objection to taxpayers having to pay for modifications to the road infrastructure. Only 18% of respondents were in favour of mega-trucks. The finding comes as the number of federated states wanting to take part in mega-truck trials is decreasing – one report says only four of Germany’s Länder now want to take part. The Commission, which is watching developments in Germany closely, has not yet said whether it will push for legislation to allow mega-trucks to be allowed across the EU; its transport white paper talks only of ‘adapting legislation on weight and dimensions to new circumstances and rising needs’.