The ESR revision must strengthen rules on national climate action

December 17, 2021

A coalition of NGOs, including Transport & Environment (T&E), the EEB, WWF, CAN Europe and others, have come together demanding a strengthening of the rules on national climate action and planning in the ESR legislative revision.

The Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR) is the EU’s most significant climate regulation, covering 60% of its emissions, and is therefore essential to collective EU efforts to help stop runaway climate change. It is also critical to Member States ownership of – and accountability to citizens for – the transition to a zero emissions society.

For these reasons, a group of 17 NGOs call on co-legislators in the revision of the ESR to make significant improvements to the Commission’s proposal. This will ensure that governments firmly commit to their targets, to bring EU efforts in line with the 1.5C goal of the Paris Agreement and that they use it as a vehicle to strengthen the national planning and governance mechanisms in the Governance Regulation. 

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