T&E’s vision for the European Green Deal

March 2, 2020

If the European Green Deal is to radically reduce the EU’s climate impact, it has to radically reshape European transport. Today T&E presents its vision of what the EGD should mean for transport. It can be downloaded below.

Our vision:

  • Stronger car CO2 standards and a combustion engine phase-out that will help the European car industry win the technological race
  • Purchase requirements for zero-emissions vehicles in high-mileage fleets that will clean up company cars and ride-hailing services
  • A 40% CO2 reduction target for all trucks that ends decades of no progress on truck fuel efficiency and cuts costs for businesses
  • Carbon pricing and fuel taxes that puts a stop to aviation emissions growth while airlines are required to start using cleaner fuels
  • An ambitious operational CO2 standard for ships calling at EU ports that can cut shipping emissions by almost a quarter
  • Phasing out EIB lending to airports, fossil-fuel vehicles, and combustion car factories will put investment policy in line with our Paris goals and provide capital to assist plant restructuring.

It’s time that transport starts pulling its weight in the climate crisis. That means setting new and more ambitious targets under the Green Deal. But these challenges will also create jobs and help the EU retain its position as a leader in technical innovation. Most importantly, it may be the one chance we have to avoid catastrophic climate change.

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