T&E’s Guide to EU Transport 2024

January 31, 2024

From sketching a blueprint to implementing a greenprint for the EU’s economy.

As Europe approaches the 2024 EU elections for the 720 member European Parliament, the EU faces a stark choice. The European Green Deal (EGD) was the regulatory kick off for Europe’s transition to a green economy. But the job is far from done. Looking ahead at the next 5 years, from 2024-2029, EU lawmakers need to help make this transition a reality for people and businesses alike.

Transport is the only sector where emissions are still growing. By 2030 transport will account for 44% of all EU carbon pollution. Cleaning it up very rapidly will be complex. But as the electric vehicle (EV) revolution has proven, transport is fertile ground for innovative greentech solutions and technologies, creating industries and creating good jobs. This is the critical period to not only cement Europe’s leadership in addressing the climate crisis, but to transform the Green Deal into an industrial strategy for a prospering economy and society.

T&E’s Guide on Transport looks back at the last 5 years as well as ahead at the next 5 and what needs to be done. It identifies the 10 key transport areas the EU needs to prioritize, and provides recommendations that, within the next five years, will be critical to Europe winning the race for the green economy and green jobs of the future.

For T&E’s key election priorities, please check out our 10-point plan.

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