T&E and Hydrogen Europe call for dedicated support to green e-fuels in FuelEU Maritime initiative

June 1, 2021

In a letter to the European Commission, T&E and Hydrogen Europe call for quick fixes to the draft FuelEU Maritime proposal before publication.

The current goal-based approach will not work alone as it treats all alternative marine fuels equally and ignores high cost disparities. If the objective of that law is to promote green fuels in shipping, then the regulation should have dedicated incentives for the use of green hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels like ammonia, which are the most sustainable and scalable ones.

To give the right push for green hydrogen to thrive in the maritime sector, they letter calls on the Commission to add new measures to the draft:

  • Adopt a clear sub-target for green hydrogen-based fuels and/or apply a multiplier of 5 to make these e-fuels finally cost-attractive.
  • Allow credit trading for e-fuel ships only, to reward early industry movers via the proposed credit exchange scheme.

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