Response to the Emissions Trading System (ETS) inception impact assessment

November 30, 2020

European shipping is a large source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and air pollution. Analysing the Commission's ETS consultation, T&E expresses concerns.

T&E welcomes the Commission’s initiative to align the ETS directive with the EU’s 2030 target of at least -55% emissions reduction and to ensure that all sectors contribute, in line with the EU’s international commitment to economy-wide action under the Paris Agreement. However, T&E regrets that the Commission is considering to switch gear on tackling emissions in the road sector. Analysis shows that the existing regulatory framework, consisting of CO2 emission norms at the EU level and national action necessary to comply with national targets, is a much more effective way to ensure the sector is in line with the EU’s new 2030 target than inclusion in the ETS. Without keeping and strengthening the effort sharing target the -55% is at risk.

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