Remining for the energy transition

January 11, 2024

Webinar hosted by T&E, Earthworks and Earthjustice on 16 January.

In January 2024, Transport & Environment (T&E), Earthworks and Earthjustice hosted a webinar looking at the potential and pitfalls of remining mine waste for the energy transition.

The webinars discussed Dr. Ann Maest’s peer-reviewed report published in Minerals, which examines what is known and unknown about remining today: how renewable energy minerals can be recovered from mine waste deposits, its possible benefits and dangers, and practices that best reinforce gains and mitigate risks. The webinars also presented proposals for stronger policies and mandatory social and environmental regulations to safeguard the health, water, and livelihoods of people living in or nearby remining sites.

A second webinar focused on US policy recommendations. Watch the EU webinar here and the US webinar here.

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