How can ReFuelEU enable investment in direct air capture?

March 7, 2022

Negative Emissions Platform and Transport & Environment issue a joint statement on direct air capture

Direct air capture holds one of the keys to sustainable aviation. The ReFuelEU proposal should help scale up investment in DAC in order to make this a viable and affordable pathway for e-kerosene production. 

Some members of the Negative Emissions Platform engaged with Direct Air Capture (DAC) have developed fuel-production pathways for synthetic aviation fuels from atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) and green hydrogen, which are known as Direct Air Capture-fuels (DAC-fuels). These fuels are included in a category known as “synthetic aviation fuels” or “e-kerosene”. They have the potential to lower greenhouse emissions from the aviation sector and should therefore  be scaled-up to drive the sector’s decarbonisation. 

We therefore ask for policy signals in the ReFuelEU Aviation proposal to scale up investment in DAC and propose that a share of DAC be mandated within the synthetic aviation fuel sub-target. 

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