‘Publish the Euro 7 air quality standards without delay’

July 1, 2022

Health organisations, environmentalists, cities and regions want the EU Commission to propose new pollution standards for vehicles this summer.

Civil society groups say they are very concerned at the further postponement of the European Commission’s proposal on the new Euro 7/VII vehicle pollution emission standards for cars, vans and heavy-duty vehicles – expected since 2021 – until November 2022.

In a letter published this week, five organisations says any delay casts serious doubt on the Commission’s commitment to clean air, the health of its citizens, and the environment. The delay unacceptably hinders EU efforts to clean up toxic air pollution caused by road transport and unnecessarily puts EU citizens’ health and lives at risk. Every month that the implementation of Euro 7 is delayed due to the late publication of the proposal, 1 million more polluting cars will be placed on the EU’s road and stay there for decades to come.

The find out more, download the letter which is signed by the European Respiratory Society, the European Public Health Alliance, T&E, the European Environmental Bureau and the POLIS network of cities and regions.

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