Position paper: Non-CO2 MRV in EU ETS, a no-regret step to mitigate aviation’s full climate impact

May 3, 2024

Why long-haul flights should be included in the non-CO2 MRV

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The non-CO2 MRV introduced by the EU ETS and currently being discussed among EU Member States represents a historic first step to tackle non-CO2 effects, as it can boost research and start a pathway to their mitigation. The proposed MRV uses the most advanced open source models available, and can be improved with the latest research. Data required is available to aircraft operators, weather services and national authorities.

To maximise the benefits of the non-CO2 MRV in EU ETS, T&E recommends:

  • Maintaining the full geographical scope including incoming and departing flights, as agreed by co-legislators;
  • Ensuring a flexible framework to be updated with the latest available science;
  • Using the retrieved data to boost scientific understanding of non-CO2 effects and mitigation pathways.

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