Particulate limits violated across the continent

November 21, 2011

The EU’s limits on particulate matter are being violated across the continent, according to the European Environment Agency’s latest ‘Term’ report.

The current daily limit is 35 micrograms per cubic metre for PM10, but that figure was exceeded at 30% of Europe’s urban traffic air pollution monitoring points in 2009, including major cities in Poland, Italy, Sweden and Latvia. A parallel finding is that between 18% and 40% of Europe’s urban population is exposed to PM10 levels higher than the daily threshold. The Commission has launched infringement proceedings against a number of member states.

  • The Spanish government has targeted road emissions in a national air quality improvement plan. The plan has 90 measures, including introducing low emissions zones, ensuring cleaner road surfaces, re-introducing speed limits, incentives to buy cleaner vehicles, and stricter vehicle inspections.

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