Particle emissions from petrol cars

November 28, 2013

Vehicle tests show that without the use of gasoline particulate filters (GPF) the number of particles emitted from gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines is likely to exceed future European emissions limits, known as Euro 6 standards.

Nowadays, particle emissions from these new petrol engines are higher than equivalent diesel vehicles. The cost of a filter to eliminate particle emissions is low (around €40), with no fuel economy penalty. Despite this, carmakers are delaying fitting filters on GDI cars and instead rely on manipulating tests. Their reluctance is worsening urban air pollution and reducing the health benefits of the new limits.

Air pollution in the EU is estimated to contribute to 406,000 deaths annually and cause over 100 million lost days of work, costing the EU economy €330-940 billion per year. Small particles in the air pose the greatest risk to health, penetrating deep into the lungs and being absorbed into the blood, causing a range of illnesses and even death. T&E calls upon carmakers to ensure GDI cars minimize their particle emissions by fitting filters.

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