National Energy and Climate Plans transport ranking

June 12, 2019

All European member states had to submit before the end of last year their draft plans on how to achieve 2030 energy and climate targets; the so-called draft National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs). In T&E we have analysed and ranked the 28 draft NECPs from a transport perspective. 

We wanted to know if they were compatible with 2030 targets and more importantly if they were aligned with longer term transport decarbonisation, based on previous T&E work on the topic. See the ranking below, and click on the map at the bottom for an assessment of each member state’s draft plan. The overall assessment can be downloaded at the bottom.

The main conclusion is that all draft NECPs are clearly insufficient both in a 2030 and 2050 perspective from a transport point of view. If the European Union wants to dramatically reduce its transport emissions (the most emitting sector) in the decades to come, the EU cannot wait until 2030 to start reducing emissions. Clear action needs to start already in the decade of the 2020s.

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