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MEPs move forward on law to incentivise procurement of cleaner vehicles

October 10, 2018

The European Parliament's environment committee has reached agreement on the Clean Vehicles Directive, which will incentivise the procurement of low and zero-emitting vehicles and can act as a strong driver for the shift to zero-emission vehicles.

Sustainable transport group Transport & Environment (T&E) welcomes the agreement reached today, including country-specific targets in 2030 ranging from 25% to 50% for cars and vans; and from 43% to 75% for buses. The report also expands the scope of the European Commission’s proposal to cover more vehicles and procurement services.

But, regrettably, the definition of a clean vehicle has been aligned with the technologies defined in the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive – meaning that dirty fossil-fuel vehicles will be counted as clean vehicles.

However, T&E welcomes the introduction of strong sub-targets that will ensure zero-emission vehicles will be procured in much larger numbers. Today’s agreement on the Clean Vehicles Directive means a conclusion of the legislation by the end of this parliamentary year is possible. The vote in plenary is expected on 23 October.

Yoann Le Petit, clean vehicles officer at T&E, said: “The agreement reached today sets binding objectives for the procurement of zero-emission vehicles. It will help the transition towards cleaner public procurements in Europe, providing a market for clean vehicles that other regulations are driving manufacturers to sell.”

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