Jet Zero: our strategy for net zero aviation in the UK

September 20, 2021

T&E responds to questions posed by the UK government's consultation on decarbonising UK aviation

In this response to questions posed by the consultation Jet Zero: our strategy for net zero aviation, T&E highlights its concerns around the government’s strategy. It specifically highlights the lack of requirements on the sector: all proposed measures are carrots, not sticks. T&E also singled out the lack of measures that will reduce emissions in the near term.

T&E recommends that the tax system is used more appropriately. It is a long-established principle that the tax system should tax pollutants, which simply does not happen witn most of UK aviation’s greenhouse gas emissions. T&E agrees that a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) mandate should be implemented. We also suggest that domestic airlines should be required to fly an increasing number of zero-emission miles from 2030.

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