Italy’s new Energy and Climate Plan: facts, figures and recommendations for transport

October 26, 2023

The updated NECP reveals insufficient emissions reductions, inefficient energy choices, a green investment gap, and a flawed governance.

Despite the claim that underachievement is due to the unrealistic targets of the old Plan, Italy is the master of its misfortunes. One reason for these insufficiencies is that Italy is proceeding blindfolded without a long term vision on decarbonisation. The absence of a national climate neutrality target and a national climate law might explain the scarce sense of direction, coherence and consistency across the NECP.

The lack of an overall strategy is perfectly reflected in the country’s difficulty in properly planning the use of energy resources and vectors in the various components of the transport sector.

The main symptom of Italy’s backwardness can be seen in the situation of road transport. There are a few good elements in the Plan. But Italy is betting on the wrong horses for its future energy mix, especially in transport.

The good news is that Italy is still on time to take a U-turn. Read more from our attached briefing.

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